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Cutting-edge research at Dortmund
Founded in 1968 the TU Dortmund University is a young, innovative, and dynamic university. Its 16 schools with a staff of more than 3,000 offer a total of 128 different programs with profound training and study opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate. In the fields of natural sciences, technology, economics and business administration, (special) education, social sciences, theology, humanities, and journalism a total of 22,000 students are trained to be young researchers.

Among the students currently enrolled at Dortmund are 1,500 who are international, degree-seeking students from abroad. For all incoming exchange students from the US, the university offers a free intensive German course which is accompanied by a cultural program. Students will visit historic sites, be introduced to the rich campus life as well as the city of Dortmund and its surroundings before classes begin.

Within the classroom at Dortmund quality teaching and excellence in research are top priority. In the past decades, Dortmund has established itself as a site of cutting-edge research. In a wide spectrum of fields, Dortmund researchers are widely recognized for their achievements, commanding a world-wide reputation. Throughout the university there is a commitment to collaboration and interdisciplinary research, including “Modeling and Simulation”, “Molecular Aspects of the Biosciences/Bio-chemical Microstructure Technology”, “Microtechnology and Nanostructures” as well as “Integration of Service Development and Knowledge Exchange.” Thus, Dortmund provides a constantly evolving, top research network combined with a broad and diverse student body.


Zwei Studierende unterhalten sich auf dem Campus

  • 22,000 students in 16 faculties
  • 3,492 international students
  • 3,000 Professors & Staff

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Tuition fees
  How much does it cost to study at Dortmund?
Tuition at Dortmund is 500 Euro per semester. In addition, there is a student fee of 155 Euro, which will give you a season ticket for the public transportation network of the Ruhr area.

Credit Points
  Will my credits transfer?
Yes - Dortmund has converted all of its programs to the internationally compatible Bachelors and Masters system. It uses the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) for its programs, which is compatible with the american credit system. Inquire with your university's registrar's office for semester-based credit transfer forms.